Joseph Girouard Boston Discusses Trends for CBD Usage in 2022

Joseph Girouard Boston

June 12, 2021

Joseph Girouard Boston Discusses Trends for CBD Usage in 2022

Joseph Girouard Boston jumped on the CBD market as soon as possible to help stand out in a rapidly becoming crowded field. This oil’s many benefits have been proven multiple times, and a growing and the vastly profitable market is emerging from it. Girouard anticipates that this expansion will remain quite large in 2022 and predicts many trends that he believes will transform the field.

The Top Trends in CBD for 2022

It isn’t too hard for Joseph Girouard Boston to predict that CBD oil will continue to expand in popularity in the next several years. Over the last few years, it has been found that almost 15 percent of Americans are using at least some type of CBD product. These include options like oils, edibles, topicals, capsules, and beverages. And this trend will continue as the market expands in many ways.

In just 2017 alone, the industry hit $367 million in sales. By 2020, it hit $2.1 billion in sales, an almost exponential expansion. And while it isn’t likely that this type of growth is sustainable (as it was fueled mainly by the legalization of CBD nationally), it isn’t expected to slow down at any time either. The various trends that grow from this expansion are also worth understanding for many people.

For instance, Joseph Girouard Boston expects that more and more markets will continue to legalize THC-based products, many of which contain some CBD. He believes that more people will begin using these term oils together in many options, creating a powerful blend that makes their use even more effective. However, there are many other trends that he believes are likely to sweep the market.

Vaping, in particular, is likely to have a paradoxical period of growth and retrenching. As more health concerns related to vaping emerge, it is expected that fewer people will feel comfortable getting CBD in this way. However, vaping isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Instead, it is likely to become more specialized, controlled, and handled in a safer way to minimize the dangers of adverse reactions.

Just as importantly, Joseph Girouard Boston also anticipates a growing demand for pet CBD in the next year. This market is the fastest-growing sector because CBD helps relieve many types of anxiety-related problems in pets, like dogs and cats. It is possible that sales could reach as high as $125 million by next year, increasing 57 percent from previous years, which is a very potent growth factor.

Beverages are also likely to become more popular. Coffee shops around the nation are already offering shots of CBD oil in their drinks to provide some relaxation benefits. However, Joseph Girouard Boston also believes that a growing number of specialty drinks will emerge on the market. These will be pretty costly at first, like all new products, but will become more affordable as time passes.